Motorboats without driving license

The "Alle Barche" Nautical Center is the only structure on the lake where motorboats can be hired to make an excursion on the magnificent Caldonazzo lake and enjoy the view in peace without tiring by pedaling. The motorboat is equipped with a 4hp engine (the maximum allowed in Trentino), which can be driven by people over 18 and can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. The motorboat is equipped with a ladder for the ascent after swimming.
In about an hour and a half you can go around the lake to see every detail, otherwise in an hour you can navigate in the middle of the lake to San Cristoforo (north of the lake) and go back.
The motorboat is conductable without a boat license.

Time Price
1/2 H 22 €
1 H 30 €
1 e 1/2 H 45 €
2 H 55 €
3 H 80 €
4 H 100 €
Afternoon (14-19) 130 €
Day (10-19) 200 €