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Motor and pedal boats rental in Caldonazzo

The "Alle Barche" Nautical Center was founded in 1972, thanks to the passion for Lake Caldonazzo and for boating which convinced the Alberini family to invest and grow in the nautical sector. With over 30 boats, the Nautical Center "Alle Barche" offers to tourists boats to have fun in company on the marvelous Caldonazzo lake.

Innovation and environmental protection

Our comfortable and ecological electric motorboats are the best way to explore Caldonazzo lake with total respect for the environment. It will be possible to do the whole tour of the lake below the coast in about an hour and a half. We have boats capable of carrying up to 4 or 6 people on board and have five hours of navigation autonomy (at maximum speed). Thanks to their electric technology, they DO NOT MAKE NOISE and the unpleasant smell of petrol is not heard. On board you will find all the safety equipment that makes it a perfect proposal for families with children, even the smallest ones. Your four-legged animals are also welcome.
Electric boats are simple to use, even if you've never driven a boat and you don't need a boat license!
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What's the weather like?

The best way to know the weather is to... look out the window! So we decided to let you judge directly by installing a webcam.